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Happy Girl

Serenity Flag of Algeria


Africa Flag of Ethiopia


Algerian Recipes

Algerian Recipes

Algerian Couscous

Algerian recipes

Recipes from Algeria

Algerian Food and Recipes

Google Directory - Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > African > Algerian

Gourmed - Algerian recipes
The Gutsy Gourmet - Algerian and Northern African recipes
Krimos - Algerian recipes
The World Wide Gourmet - Algerian recipes
Wuzzle - Algerian recipes


Ethiopian Recipes

Ethiopian Recipes

Ethiopian Vegetarian Recipes


Ethiopia: Menus & Recipes from Africa

RecipeSource: Ethiopian

Free Recipes - Ethiopian

Google Directory - Home > Cooking >

World Cuisines > African > Ethiopian


Astray - Ethiopian recipes
Ethiopian recipes 1
Ethiopian recipes 2
Ethiopian Vegetarian recipes
Food Down Under – Ethiopian recipes
Global Gourmet – Ethiopia
Recipe Atlas – Ethopia
Recipe Source – Ethiopia
RecipeZaar – Ethiopia
Tasty Cooking - Ethiopian recipes
World Health- Ethiopian recipes


Moroccan Recipes

Flag of Morocco



Vineyard Road (Waterfords)

Flag of South Africa

South Africa

  1. 1.Moroccan Tagine Recipes Index: 2.Moroccan Cuisine
    With over 30 recipes.
  2. Google Directory - Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > African > Moroccan
  3. Astray - Moroccan recipes
  4. Clay’s Cookbook – Moroccan recipes
  5. Food Down Under – Moroccan recipes
    Gourmed - Moroccan recipes
  6. International - Moroccan recipes
  7. Moroccan recipes
  8. Recipe Atlas – Morocco
  9. Recipes 4 Us – Morocco
  10. Tasty Cooking - Morocco recipes Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Moroccan food
  11. World Health- Moroccan recipes
  12. World Recipes – Morocco
  1. Mark Blumberg's South African Biltong Recipe
  2. South African Recipes
  3. Tasty Cooking - South African recipes
  4. World Health- South African recipes
  5. South African
    - Afri Chef South African Recipes
    - South African Recipes
    - Biltong
    - Biltong Making FAQ
    - Biltong Recipes
    - Food in Each Country - South Africa
    - Kevin Gerickes Home of South African Cooking...
    - Mark Blumbergs Soth African Biltong Recipes
    - South Africa - Four Corners Cuisine
    - South African Biltong
    - Traditional South African Recipes


One two buckle your shoe

Flag of Sudan



Egyptian Recipes

Flag of Egypt


Sudanese Recipes:

  1. Sudan: Menus & Recipes


  3. Sudanese Top Food Recipes ~ Food Recipes

  4. SUDAN food

  5. Open Directory - Home: Cooking: World Cuisines: African: Sudanese

  6. Sudan: Menus & Recipes from Africa

  7. Sudanese recipes

  8. Tasty Cooking - Sudanese recipes

  1. Egypt: Recipes for food and cuisine from Egypt
  2. Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt
  3. Ahmed Hamdy Eissa's Egyptian Recipes
  4. Egypt - Egyptian Recipes
  5. Egyptian Rose Leaves - All Recipes - Cookie
  6. Egyptian Recipe. Historical. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian food.
  7. Google Directory - Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > African > Egyptian



Flag of Kenya


 Touring by motorbike 1

Flag of Nigeria


Kenya Recipes, Kenyan Recipes


  1. Kenya: Menus & Recipes from Africa

  2. Kenya - Recipes

  3. Kenya Recipes, Kenyan Recipes, Food from Kenya, Kenyan Food

  4. Kenyan Recipe Page

  5. Kenyan recipes

  6. “Kenya” 2 Recipes | Recipezaar

International - Kenyan recipes
Kenyan recipes
RC Bowen’s Kenya page – recipes
Tasty Cooking - Kenya recipes
Tim and Lara Beth’s Kenya page – recipes
of Penn
– Kenyan recipes


Nigerian Recipes:


  1. Nigerian Recipes

  2. Nigerian Recipes Nice Collection

  3. Nigerian Peanut Soup - All recipes

  4. - Recipes - Nigerian Food

  5. Nigerian Recipes

  6. West African Food Nigeria

  7. Minorities Global Village -- Nigerian Recipes

  8. Traditional Nigerian Recipes

  9. Google Directory - Home > Cooking >

  10. World Cuisines > African > Nigerian

Motherland Nigeria - recipes
Nigerian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Nigerian recipes

African mother with baby

Ugandan recipes

Flag of Uganda


Mountains of Africa Flag of Ghana


  1. Recipe zaar Ugandan
  2. Recipes for food from uganda
  3. Taste of Uganda: Recipes for Traditional Dishes
  4. UK Uganda Network - Venture Scout Resources -
  5. Kosher Recipes from the Schmooze News and the Daily Schmooze
  6. The Jews of Africa -- Presentation (the food)
  7. Cooking recipes from all over the world -


Ghanaian Recipes
  1. Recipes from Ghana
  2. Ghana recipes
  3. Recipes from Ghana
  4. “ghana” 5 Recipes | Recipezaar
  5. recipes Ghana
  6. Ghana Recipes
  7. Jollof Rice Ghana - Complete Recipes
  8. Ghana shrimp: shrimp with ghana sauce -
  9. Recipes -
  10. Groundnut Stew (Ghana)
  11. Google Directory - Home > Cooking >
  12. World Cuisines > African > Ghanaian

Food Down Under – Ghanan recipes
Ghanan recipes 1
Ghanan recipes 2
Recipe Hound – Ghana
Recipes from Ghana
Tasty Cooking - Ghana recipes
World Health- Ghanan recipes


Flag of Tunisia



gnu Flag of Somalia


Tunisian Recipes
  1. Tunisian Food and Recipes
  2. The best Tunisian recipes
  3. Tunisia Recipes Culinary History and Information
  4. Tunisia Recipes Culinary History and Information
  5. Google Directory - Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > African > Tunisian
  6. Tunisian Keftaji Recipe | Tunisian Recipes| Vegetable Recipes @ :: it's what's cooking online!

Somalian Recipes
  1. Somalian Tea
  2. East African Recipes - Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania...
  3. Sambusa - Allrecipes
  4. Somalian Crab Meat Stew
  5. Tasty Cooking - Somalia recipes

Water fun

Sierra Leone Village and Marke Flag of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

mozambique 4 Flag of Mozambique


  1. About Sierra Leon's cuisine - Sierra Leone .com
  2. sierra leon” 6 Recipes
  3. - Recipes - Sierra Leon
  4. Sierra Leone recipes
  5. Sierra Leone Pepper Soup
  6. Sierra Leonean Recipes
  7. Google Directory - Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > African > Sierra Leonean

Sierra Leonean
- Prawn Palava
- Sierra Leonean Recipes

Mozambique Recipes

  1. Mozambique: Menus & Recipes from Africa
  2. Squash Soup (Mozambique) Recipe | Squash
  3. “mozambique” 3 Recipes | Recipezaar
  4. Mozambique Restaurant & Coastal Lounge
  5. | The Spice Trade - Recipes
African Transportation Flag of Mali


Zambian House Flag of Zambia


Mali Recipes
  1. Mali recipes
  2. Tasty Cooking - Mali recipes
Zambia Recipes
  1. Food in Zambia
  2. Recipe: African Cuisine
Senegal Flag of SenegalSenegal Storm brewing Flag of Seychelles Seychelles

Senegal Recipes

  1. Recipe Land - Senegal
  2. Senegalese recipes
  3. Tasty Cooking - Senegalese recipes
  4. Univ. of Penn – Center for African Studies
  5. Worldwide Cookbook - Senegal
    - Cuisine of Senegal
    - Dianas Kitchen: Senegalese Chicken Yassa
    - Recipes from Senegal
    - Senegal Cooking
    - Senegal Seafood Stew
    - Senegal Stew with Millet
    - Senegalese Lemon Soup
    - Senegalese Soup
    - Senegalese Soup
    - Yassa
Seychelles Recipes
  1. Air Seychelles
  2. Tasty Cooking - Seychelles recipe

Little Island

Hoop Flag of Swaziland


Rwanda Landscapes Flag of Rwanda


  1. Swaziland recipes
  1. Tasty Cooking - Rwandan recipes Worldwide
the beach sainte marie Flag of Madagascar


Elefant Family Flag of Malawi


Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Madagascar food
Tasty Cooking - Madagascar recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Madagascar
Abwenzi African Studies – Malawi food
Africa Guide – Malawian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Malawi recipes
Mauritius island 5 Flag of Mauritius


Sunset at Avsha Flag of Cote d'Ivoire
Cote d'Ivoire
Mauritius Australian Connection – recipes
Mauritius recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Mauritius
Tasty Cooking - Mauritius recipes
Cote D’Ivoire:
Africa Guide – Ivorian recipes – Ivorian recipes – Ivorian recipes
Ivorian Cookbook
Ivorian recipes
Ivorian recipes (in French)
Recipe Hound – Ivory Coast recipes
Tasty Cooking - cote d’Ivoire recipes
Cooking & Recipes
gorilla Flag of Cameroon


Chilling Flag of Cape Verde
Cape Verde


Cameroon recipes – Cameroon recipes
Tasty Cooking - Cameroon recipes


Cape Verde:
Cape Verdean foods
Cape Verdean recipes 1
Cape Verdean recipes 2
CultureGrams - Cape Verde recipes

- Cachupa di Cabo Verde
- Cape Verdean Culture
- Cape Verdean Foods
- Capeverdean Cooking

Hiding place of the Pirates.

Okavango Delta Flag of Angola


african wildlife_ 9 Flag of Botswana
Angolan Embassy in Canada
Angolan Embassy in the UK
Recipezaar – Angolan recipes
Worldwide cookbook – Angola
Tasty Cooking - Botswana recipes
leopard 1 Flag of Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso


africa_ 27 Flag of Burundi


Burkina Faso: (formerly Upper Volta)
Burkina Faso recipes
Tasty Cooking - Burkina Faso recipes
World Health – Burkina Faso recipes
Tasty Cooking - Burundi recipes

Burundi - Eating the Burundian Way


African Arts Flag of Djibouti
African mask Flag of Central African Republic
Central African 
Djibnet – recipes (in French)
Tasty Cooking - Djibouti recipes
Central African Republic: - Central African recipes
Tasty Cooking - Central African Republic recipes
Drakensberg in South Africa Flag of Chad


Las Canteras beach Flag of Comoros


Chadian recipes
Satya – Recipes from Chad
Tasty Cooking - Chad recipes
Tasty Cooking - Comoros recipes
Mother and baby gorilla Flag of Congo, Democratic Republic of the African Curios Flag of Congo, Republic of the
RecipeZaar – Congolese recipes
Tasty Cooking - Congolese recipes
Worldwide Cookbook - Congo

- Banana Condiment
- Davids Potato Zaire
- Egusi Recipes

Congo Republic (Brazzaville):
Tasty Cooking - Congo Republic recipes Congolese
- Banana Condiment
- Davids Potato Zaire
- Egusi Recipes


Living in Poverty in Africa Flag of Benin Cute Kids Flag of NigerNiger
Benin Recipes:
Beninese Food and Recipes
Tasty Cooking - Benin recipes
Niger Recipes

Fish & Seafood Recipes - The Congo Cookbook (African recipes)

Mango Salad from Niger

Songhai Recipes

Taxi rank 3 Flag of Gabon African Sunset  1 Flag of Gambia, The

Gabonese Recipes :
Tasty Cooking - Gabon recipes
African fabric

Gambian Recipes:
Gambia Aktuell – recipes
Gambian recipes 1
Gambian recipes 2
Gambian recipes 3
Tasty Cooking - Gambian recipes
Worldwide Cookbook - Gambia

- Cook-Recipes From West-Africa
- Gambian Recipes
- Jollof Rice

Almost sunset Flag of Eritrea


African Hut Flag of Lesotho
Eritrea Recipes:
Eating the Eritrean Way
Eritrean Food & Recipes
Eritrean recipes
Tasty Cooking - Eritrean recipes
World Health- Eritrean recipes
Lesotho Recipes
1972: Holiday Inn - The Congo Cookbook (African recipes)
on the sidelines Flag of Liberia
gate Flag of Libya
Liberian Recipes :
Liberian Assoc. of Belgium
Liberian cuisine
Liberian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Liberian recipes
Univ. of Penn. African Studies Center – Liberian food

Libyan  Recipes

Gourmed - Libyan recipes
Libyan cuisine and recipes
RecipeZaar - Libyan recipes
Strat’s Place – Libyan recipes
Tasty Cooking - Libyan recipes

Sine Saloum Mangrove Flag of Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe
Elephant Flag of TanzaniaTanzania
Sao Tome & Principe Recipes

Category:Sao Tomean - CookbookWiki

Mauritius island 4

Tanzanian Recipes

Recipe in Tanzania

Astray Recipes: Tanzania

Recipes From Tanzania

British Expat: Expat World: Tanzania Features: Zanzibar Recipes - Sorpotel

Tanzanian Recipes Mapishi ya Tanzania Recipes Kashata

Tanzanian Recipes: Vegetables, Cabbage Stew

market in south africa

Dairy Farm Flag of Togo


Zebras in Hwange National Park Flag of Zimbabwe
Togo Recipes

Togo Peanut Chicken

More from the village 2


Zimbabwean Recipes

African cooking and recipes

Recipe Special: "Zimbabwe Recipe" Recipes Collection Page 1

Zimbabwe recipes

Zimbabwe greens - Recipes - - Message Boards - Message Boards

- Amboli
- Food in Each Country - Zimbabwe
- Sadza ne Nyama

CSP Rabaul II Flag of Guinea
CSP Watom Island Flag of Guinea-Bissau
Guinean Recipes

Guinean Recipes

Guinea Recipes :: Recipes like !!!


BBC - Food - Recipes - Guinea fowl stuffed with oatmeal and pistachios

BBC - Food - Recipes - Guinea fowl with wild mushrooms

Guinea Hen Roasted with Pistachio Butter Recipes at

Guinean Recipes


Guinea Bissau Recipes

Guinean Recipes

Carro Quebrado - ALAGOAS - BRA

saharaman Flag of Mauritania
namibian lake Flag of Namibia


Mauritian Recipes

“Mauritian ” 1 Recipes | Recipezaar

Namibian Recipes

Namibian and Side Dishes 1 Recipes | Recipezaar

Travel Comments - Backpacker Guide through Southern Africa - Food and Drinks


CSP in PNG Flag of Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea
tunisia 5 Go to fullsize image

Western Sahara

Equatorial Guinean Recipes

Spanish Guinean Fish Grill With Three Sauces

“Equatorial Guinea ” 5 Recipes | Recipezaar


Western Sahara Recipes

“Western Sahara” 46 Recipes | Recipezaar

Western Sahara, Africa

Previously Spanish Sahara    Also see Morocco




General African Recipes:

African Recipes: The Congo Cookbook

All recipes: African 

Recipe Source: African Recipes

African Cookbook, The

Other General Recipes

African Recipes Recipe Zarr

West African Food

MamaAfrika's Recipes



East African Recipes - Ethiopia,

Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania...

Google Directory - Home > Cooking >

World Cuisines > African

Ethnic and Regional Recipes

African cooking and recipes

Global Gastronomy:

Astray - African recipes
Cooking For Fun - African food
Wuzzle - African recipes

African Studies: African Cooking

African Recipes - 264 selected sites***


Vegetarian  - African Index

african shells 02

  Crystal Waters

Dragons Peak








Faces of Africa




                                           Masai men

Zambian Fruit Market

Berbers 2


Zulu Tribe Children 2


African Mask 3

Wonderful Africa

Soweto Kids

African girl
Malawi Fishers
family in Malawi
Zulu Tribe Children 1
Cape point
Wood Carvings
Namibian girl smiling
african wildlife 1
Fernando de Noronha
kids having fun
African Woman
African Fishing Boats 1
Delicious Fish
african wildlife 2
Labourers 1
mangue seco 2
africa_ 20
Lion feeding
zebras in love
Waterfall at Bryce 8
Taxi rank 1

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