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Why Baroque Music ?

Read about the benefits of listening to Baroque music links below.

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Baroque music is a particular kind of music written by composers of music in the 17th and 18th century. Some of the composers include Vivaldi, Telemann, and Bach. Their music was composed using specific formulae passed down to them from the music guilds of ancient times. This music brings about vast changes in a person’s cognitive and physical abilities.
However, in the scope of music therapy, there are certain Baroque pieces which have the greatest effect. Those pieces having slow tempo beats of about 55-65 beats a minute in Baroque concertos are best suited in Music Therapy
The instruments used often by Baroque composers to achieve this soothing sound include the violin, guitar, harpsichord and other string instruments.

1) Listening to soothing Baroque music causes a lowering of blood pressure and slows down the heartbeat.
2) An EEG monitor displays changes even in your brain waves. The fast, beta waves gradually decrease by about 6%, while the alpha waves of relaxation increase by about 6%.
3) There is a synchronization between the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Synchronization of the right and left brain hemispheres stimulates increased productivity of the brain. This synchronization, which has been propounded by Zen Buddhists since long, can be achieved within minutes of listening to Baroque music!
Contrary to popular belief, a calm state causes the body to function more efficiently on less energy. This causes more energy to be available to your brain. People who have phenomenal memory retention are also able to slow down their brainwave activity to the slower alpha level (7-13 cycles a second).
Thus, the physical body may be at rest, but the mind is racing ahead!

Sound therapy and Baroque music are effectively being used in hospitals, schools, business offices and treatment centres with amazing results. We have already read about the benefits of music therapy in this website. It is no wonder then, that Baroque music is making waves throughout the globe. Research experiments by Maya Pines years ago proved that slowing mind and body rhythms of lab animals doubled their rate of learning. At St. Luke's Hospital in Cleveland, patients who hear Baroque and high frequency music need lower dosages of painkillers. People who listen to such music for a period of time make do with less sleep, because they now have a much more deeper and concentrated sleep, since the mind and body are continuously being recharged through the music. Such super sleep can extend life by many years. Subjects listening to the 60 beat music have reported a sense of time expansion as their mind and body rhythms slow down in synchronization with the music. Subjects were able to study much more efficiently, learn graphic skills in less than half the actual time required, were able to drive through traffic with less tension, and even cut down on alcohol and cigarettes drastically since their stress levels reduced. All the other benefits of music therapy mentioned before are obviously received by listening to Baroque music. It can be listened to while studying, cooking, cleaning the house, driving, learning a new skill, or just about anything.




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